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Fighting the signs of skin ageing

This is a fantastic article featuring Professor Beth Briden in ‘Cosmetic Solutions’
Fight Ageing
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“Question: Can signs of skin ageing be effectively treated?
Answer: Certain ingredients can fight signs of skin ageing — but taking sensible sunscreen precautions early in life is key to a healthy skin
By Tony GreenwaySkin ageing is an inevitable fact of life.  As we get older, our skin feels different and looks different — and the signs aren’t simply limited to crow’s feet and dark circles around our eyes.  “There are many signs of skin ageing,” says US-based dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Briden, “and research shows that
90 per cent of them occur because of ultra-violet damage due to chronic sun
exposure. Over time, we start to see the skin thin and atrophy and become more sallow. We begin to develop brown spots or areas of pigmentation; plus we get fine lines and wrinkles in addition to the deeper lines and wrinkles where there is muscle movement.” Also as we age, the bones in our faces resorb, our muscles contract less and our skin loses its elasticity — and so we begin to sag; and, as this happens and fat redistributes, jowls begin to develop.”
Fight Ageing
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