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The Science

New Two-Step Topical Line Plumper Improves the Appearance of Glabellar Lines, Nasolabial Folds, and Crow’s Feet in a Randomised, Vehicle-Controlled Trial

Barbara A. Green, RPh, MS; Brenda L. Edison, BA; Ronni L. Weinkauf, PhD; Lisa Buckley, BA; Yaling Lee, PhD; Peter N. Konish, MS; Patricia K. Farris, MD

INTRODUCTION: Facial wrinkles arise due to diminished production and increased breakdown of dermal matrix components, including collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), as a result of natural aging and photo damage coupled with repeated facial movement. Injectable neurotoxins arrest facial movement and thus diminish dynamic wrinkles over time, but lack the ability to plump or fill existing depressions. Injectable wrinkle fillers reverse the appearance of deep wrinkles, but are not without risks or discomfort and can be challenging to use on certain areas of the face. A new topical two-step line plumper has been developed for targeted use on fine and deep lines as an adjuvant or cosmetic alternative to injectable therapies. The Step 1 Activator contains a novel amino acid derivative, N-acetyl tyrosinamide, which has been shown to stimulate collagen production in aged skin cells; increase hyaluronic acid in skin and cartilage cells in vitro; and stimulate pro-collagen and GAGs in vivo via histological assessment of human skin biopsies. The Step 2 Finishing Complex contains complementary dermal matrix building ingredients, triethyl citrate and N-acetyl glucosamine, which increase collagen and hyaluronic acid, respectively.

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