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7 Tips for Glowing Skin

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

    Radiant, glowing skin can be a sign of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but pollution, the weather and even stress can make it hard to keep your skin looking its best. Just like any other organ, our skin works best when we look after it. A healthy skin care routine protects and nourishes […]


Should I be using a chemical peel?

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

Chemical peels are liquid solutions which can be applied to skin to remove dead skin cells and promote regeneration and new cell growth.  They are used in the treatment of irregular pigmentation, acne scarring and to reduce facial lines by tightening the skin, and typically use trichloroacetic, salicylic or glycolic acid.  The effectiveness of a […]


Successful Finalists in the MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

We’re are delighted to have become successful finalists in several categories in the MyFaceMyBody Awards 2015 You can only log in and vote once, so please vote in all categories (where you wish us to win) at the same time. Best Customer Service By A Manufacturer Or Supplier – AestheticSource Best Home Use Device – […]


What Do Sun Protection Factors Mean?

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

The summer season is presenting us with very mixed weather patterns this year, but with the higher temperatures and holidays abroad it’s always important to protect your skin. Understanding sun protection factors is essential – not just for your anti ageing regime, but for protection against skin cancer and skin damage. Using sunscreen products decreases […]


Prevention Is The Best Defence Against Sun Damage

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

A new study published in the journal Science has revealed that more than a quarter of a middle-aged person’s skin may have already made the first steps towards cancer. Analysis of samples from 55- to 73-year-olds found more than 100 DNA mutations linked to cancer in every 1 sq cm (0.1 sq in) of skin. […]


Why Advanced Skincare Should Be on Your Shopping List

Posted on By admin in Skin Care

When science met skincare it created a new breed of advanced formulas for fighting wrinkles and skin problems and they were called cosmeceuticals. These are not your usual off-the-shelf skincare – they’re a group of products that are a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and are very potent. These products are usually sold through dermatologists, […]


Fighting the signs of skin ageing

Posted on By admin in Anti Ageing

This is a fantastic article featuring Professor Beth Briden in ‘Cosmetic Solutions’  Click HERE to read more “Question: Can signs of skin ageing be effectively treated? Answer: Certain ingredients can fight signs of skin ageing — but taking sensible sunscreen precautions early in life is key to a healthy skin By Tony GreenwaySkin ageing is […]